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Players wanting to tryout and be considered for ECNL RL teams must register and tryout in Beaverton. 


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ECNL RL Announcement

Steven Evans

Boys Director of Coaching

ECNL Regional League- Far West Conference

In the 2023/2024 Season we announced our acceptance into the newly formed ECNL RL Farwest Conference, made up of 4 Oregon clubs and 2 Idaho clubs. The ECNL is one of the most prestigious soccer leagues in the country.  


The ECNL’s first step, when creating a new Conference, is the formation of an ECNL Regional League with the goal of transition into the full ECNL The ECNL RL is a stepping stone between State League and the ECNL. This gives the accepted clubs the opportunity to transition and the ECNL to confirm the new conference is ready to compete at a national level. 


This is a decision we strongly believe will benefit our players, our teams, and our entire club in countless ways.

ECNL Regional League


  • A key reason we have applied for the creation of an Oregon/Idaho specific Conference is that it will allow our players to continue to play with their High Schools in the Fall, unlike the current Northwest Conference that is made up of Washington teams, whose HS Season is in the Winter/Spring.
  • The benefit to starting in the ECNL RL this first season, is our teams will also compete in the OYSA League and State Cup for this upcoming season. This will enhance our ability to compete and succeed in those competitions in preparation of transition and acceptance to the full ECNL.
  • The ECNL is an exclusive opportunity that most clubs in the area will not have a chance to join. Our leadership team continues to seek out new pathways and partnerships to enhance our programs and provide our players with opportunities to expand their development.  We are honored that our application was accepted and the ECNL is open to working with us in the creation of this new market. 

WSM ECNL RL Teams 2024/2025

The following teams will be the ECNL RL teams for the 2024/2024 Season

WSM 06B Copa Red    (U18/U19) Jorge Villafana

WSM 08B Copa Red    (U16) John Bain

WSM 09B Copa Red    (U15)  Jaime Ramos

WSM 10B Copa Red    (U14)  Hilario Jimenez Spencer

WSM 11B Copa Red    (U13)  John Rojas /Chris Thoms

WSM 12B Copa Red    (U13)  Jaime Ramos

*the ECNL combines the U18 and U19 age groups team will be
made up of 2006 & 2007 birth years

Tryout Schedule

Tryouts for the ECNL RL teams will be run simultaneously with our tryouts. The top team at each of the U13 -U19 age groups will be ECNL RL teams.

Players interested in trying out for the ECNL Regional League Team, must tryout in Beaverton.

Monday, May 6 Tuesday, May 7
THPRD Powerlines
6:30 - 8:00 6:05 - 7:10
Boys 2011 Boys 2011
Boys 2012 Boys 2012
Boys 2008 Boys 2008
8:00 - 9:30 7:10 - 8:15
Boys 2010 Boys 2010
Boys 2009 Boys 2009
Boys 2007 Boys 2007
Boys 2006 Boys 2006



  • Teams will play OYSA Premier Gold
  • Teams will play OYSA State Cup
  • HS players can play HS Soccer
  • 10 additional ECNL RL Games 
  • Training 2-3 times a week
  • Beaverton Cup


All teams will participate in the OYSA League in addition to the ECNL RL.

U13 & U14 Teams

  • Summer Tournaments
  • OYSA Fall League
  • OYSA Spring League
  • OYSA State Cup
  • ECNL RL 10 Games integrated into Schedule

U15 Team

  • Summer Tournaments
  • OYSA Fall League
  • OYSA Winter League
  • OYSA State Cup
  • ECNL RL 10 Games integrated into Schedule

U16, U17 and U18/U19 Teams

  • Summer Tournaments
  • OYSA Winter League
  • OYSA State Cup
  • ECNL RL 10 Games integrated into Schedule
  • Potential for 1 ECNL National Showcase Event


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