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2024 Beaverton 4V4 Tournament

Rules of Competition 2024

4v4 Field Map


Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation Center, Howard M Terpenning Complex,
NW 158th & NW Schendel, Beaverton, O

Current Player Cards Required
A team may not mix US Club Soccer cards with USYSA cards.  Every player on the team must have the same type of player card.

  • US Club Soccer cards valid through at least 8/1/2024
  • USYSA Cards (2023/2024 or 2024/2025 season)

Age Groups: The 4v4 Tournament uses 2024/2025 Soccer Year Age Groups. Determine the birth year of the OLDEST player on your team and register in that age group.

Summary of 2024 Rules of Competition

  • Maximum of eight players per team.
  • Players can only be registered on one team and play on that one team for duration of the event.
  • Players must be registered through their state association.
  • All age groups based on 2024-2025 Age Groups
  • Teams must have matching light and dark uniforms.
  • Four players on the field; no goalkeeper.
  • All games will be two-12 minute halves with a two minute half time.
  • No offsides and no slide tackling.
  • Either team may substitute on the fly. No stoppage of play.
  • No play in the "no-play zone" which is an arc in front of each goal.
  • No throw-ins. All restarts will be kick-in with defending players a minimum of 3 yards away.
  • All dead ball kicks are indirect with the exception of a penalty kick.
  • Field size: 30 x 40 yards
  • Goal size: 3 x 5 feet
  • Ball size: #4 for U9-U12 and #5 for U13-U15

For tournament and rules questions, email
For registration and check-in questions, email


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